HB MonteHB MONTE: “I can only think B I G… As I’m traveling, I pass all boundaries and expectations through my music. I realize the sky is not my limit if I am soon to be among the stars.” – H.B. MONTEThis statement exemplifies the drive and determination that together makes H.B. MONTE an entertainer who’s potential for greatness is evident in all that he has done and all that he is to succeed. His Multi-faceted talent as a songwriter, rapper, producer and DJ is taking the entertainment industry by storm. HB’s infectious, raw energy and rhythmic flow is what captivates audiences around the globe, which is recognizably securing him a spot as music’s new upcoming artist. By listening to some of his breakthrough tracks such as “One Nite” and “I Kno U See Me”, it is evident that HB has a unique sound to offer the music industry. With every song, H.B. gives his audience a piece of him, which truly sets him apart from the rest.

His popularity grew in 2002 when he performed with Ludacris during a radio station event in Boston. By 2004, HB’s songs had received syndicated radio play on international radio and had a live appearance on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. In 2006, HB, previously known as “Hav-Boy”, internationally toured with top recording artists, such as G-Unit. In 2007-08, he executive produced “Can I Speak to Biggie” (produced by Chris Ward and Joey Bravo of the Individuals) which featured Bizzy Bone, Bobby Valentino, Maino and Chingy. The song was a dedication to Notorious B.I.G., marking the anniversary of his death. His other feature accomplishments include “Poppin Remix” a 2006 international Chris Brown remix. Solidifying his position in 2010-11 H.B. quickly gained momentum writing collaborating with major artists such as Sean Kingston, Chingy, Trey Songz and more. With his elaborate and broad range of accomplishments, HB has established both an impressive and ever-growing musical career, climbing his way up on the journey of stardom, fueled by his drive and determination.


Electric-SoulElectric Soul is more of a myth then a musical act.  It is believed that the project began over 700 years ago in the city of Florence in the late middle ages.  As the story is told, the popular renaissance philosopher Sir H.B. Montiotis was hard at work on his writings at the Duomo Florence Cathedral, the highest point in Florence when a terrible Lightening storm broke out. Montiotis decided it would be at this time that he would speak to nature face to face, and began climbing the exterior of the Cathedral.  This rigorous task was but brought to a halt when a young artist,  Donatello Dustavelli appeared from a 4th floor window of the cathedral.  “Good heavens what are you doing Sir Herbert Bramante Montiotis”,  asked a puzzled Dustavelli.  Montiotis’ response is noted as the first recognized speakings of electricity as he replied quite confidently, “I am electrifying my soul young Dustavelli, roll wit it !?!”  Together the two began the journey further to the top of the Cathedral.  By the time the two had made it to the top of the Cathedral the storm had passed, but on the way up Sir Dustavelli began singing a popular song of the time they both fancied, Justiana Biebalini’s “Never Say Never”.When the two finally made it down several hours later, they decided this adventure had brought together a bond that electrified their inner musical souls and that they would perform on the streets of Florence as the act Electric Soul. Fast forward 700 years, when the distant relatives of the late Montiotis and Dustavelli met each other on a Justin Bieber Fan club web chat. The two later joined forces and collaborated on several different projects in 2011 putting out singles such as “Photo” and “Echo”.There energetic performances to there upbeat rhythms and positive messages are truly captivating audiences worldwide. Stream Music Group is truly excited to welcome Electric Soul to our family!


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